Hey guy’s looking for a good ride.

So you just flew in and your looking for the best car rental in town. Maybe you want cheap maybe you want fast. Well if you where flying the easiest for see able way to get a car is to just go over to the Budget or Alamo car rental places. Well that might seem like the easiest way but it’s actually not. Here is why. You get off the plane with 150 other people and you all rush to baggage claim. right? whats next? everyone rushes to the car rental places. Only to find yourself standing in a huge line waiting to get your car. This process can take hours.

Here’s an Idea how about you don’t use the airports rental agencies. Yep! Did you know that most of the rental company’s drive a pickup van to the airport like a 100 times a day. The longest you might wait would be 15 mins. You will find that when you get to the rental agencies away from the airport that they are cheaper and faster because you have less people jockeying for cars.

Something else to think about. GETTING OUT OF THE AIRPORT!! Yeah who want’s that mess let the pick up vans deal with that mess. You’ll instantly be in a less stressful situation. When your flying usually your under a lot of stress so this little tip might just help your bank account as well as your receding hair line.

One more reason to go out side of the airport besides, less stress, cheaper, and faster because of less traffic is better selection. Simple because there is fewer people trying to get your sports car first leaving you with the mini van. Hope these tips help you in your travels and you do not get to discourages the next time you go to rent a car.