Fake Reviews

Where you staying this trip?

Holy molly there are a thousand different ways to fine a hotel room. First you have all the hotel search sites. What a mess which one out of the thousand of those is the best? You could spend hours searching to search. That sounds funny, but it happens a lot more than you realize. Lemme show you haw you can narrow your searching down in a hurry. Hit the big dog’s top ten max but I would say top five would be plenty.

  • Trip adviser
  • cheap tickets
  • hotels.com
  • Expedia
  • Kayak

Sure maybe there’s other’s out there but trust he there a waste of your time. Quickly scan through these and see what you find. First you have to ask your self what am looking for?

  • Cheaper
  • Closer to my destination
  • Better, nicer, or top of the line

Remember you have to pay top dollar if you want all three of these items…. such is life. So my advise pick the one that means the most to you and focus on that in your searching. Once you narrow down your search it’s time to pick a couple of good one’s out. Got them? K next step.

Google Search The Hotels You Narrow Down.

With each search you’ll see a map section on google search. Beside each hotel will be reviews. Now these can seriously be the game changer for you if your looking for a hotel. Read through your reviews get a good feel and boom!! YOUR DONE.

Hint’s on reviews.

Good old google uses the 5 star review system. This is really a great way to do if but you must be warned there are fakes out there. WHAT! Yeah the big G can be manipulated.

The Good News

These reviews are easy to spot from 10 miles away. Here’s what to look for in a honest review.

  • HATE it or LOVE it ( people only review things if they hate them or love them other than that they just don’t take the time.)
  • Should not be too many mediocre reviews.
  • Things about the place that stand out.
  • not too many punctuation’s should look like this. SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE THIS!!!! SO AWESOME,AMAZING, AND WOW!!
  • Only one review.

Here’s the FAKES

  • 5, 5 stars reviews and that’s all DO NOT TRUST THIS.
  • Generic content (We loved it there so amazing staff was great…..BLAH)I mean why would someone take the time to really write that if it was real.
  • Oddly placed content (such an amazing view) when it’s in the middle of a slum.
  • 2-3,or 4 reviews by the same person watch out not real.

So take what you can from this, and like a pirate give nothing back. Hope you have happy search results and this helps you narrow down our search.