Crazy People on Vacation

The crazy stuff people do on vacations. I know I’ve been there myself there’s a lot of crazy things that happen on vacation. I’m not sure what it is I think it’s the fact that people want to show off or maybe they just feel like they just want to let some stress out from all the work they have done to get to this point. It is true though vacations  are a cause for some seriously funny videos.


You seen the stuff you’ve seen the damage. It’s funny it’s like people think they’ve become Superman on vacation. why is that what is the reason behind this? I don’t really care but it is funny.


I just wanted to tell you a quick story about something that I saw awhile back on the big island of Hawaii. Some folks came from Canada to vacation in Hawaii and their kids decided they wanted to rent some mopeds. this was fine at all but as soon as they got those mopeds this is where the disaster started. These kids are crazy they were going down alii drive on the big island, and they were using their mopeds as stunt bikes here they were popping wheelies with two people on the back. Speed bumps became jumps, and ditches became recreational parks.


One of the kids that would be funny to try to pop a wheelie down on the drive where does 10 mile an hour speed limit. Not like you’re going to be able to go much faster on a moped, but he was able to pop this wheelie going down Main Street. just remember and keep in mind there are like thousands of people walking around here stop and go traffic. the next part was quite funny almost ran into a car had to try to put it down Mist fell on the ground of course she would didn’t have a shirt on because you didn’t Hawaiian vacation and trying to get a tan. Can you spell road rash. the next part is like any young kid move because he had Road Rash the rest of the vacation he still tried to go out in the sun and get a suntan. Men that look terrible he had a sunburn inside of his road rash with gravel rocks it was a terrible situation. What I’m trying to get out I guess is just because you’re on vacation and trying to have fun doesn’t mean you have to go out there and be an idiot.
It does make for some good videos and for some funny pictures though. When you’re out on vacation just think back to what I said here and look around you’ll see some crazy stuff going on. It’s kind of fun to look around and see. Once your primed  for looking for this kind of stuff,  you’ll see people doing some pretty stupid stuff. You will laugh to yourself and  remember what you read here, and you’ll be like yeah that’s one of those crazy vacation is just trying to