Too much fun last night??

Ever been on vacation and can’t remember what happen last night? OK, so your not the only one…LOL so there you are in your hotel room going um why is the room spinning and what is that on the floor?

If your at the motel 6 you just leave right? Well what happens if you ended up choosing the 5 start Ritz Carlton Hotel… not so whatever right?!

Boise carpet Cleaning

Well this in’t exactly a new thing. No Boise’s Carpet cleaners has been dealing with these incidents for years. There is a way to make things right with out causing a big seem or spending way too much money.

If you find your self in this position call a local carpet cleaner to quick come in, and make your stains disappear. WHEW what a relief that would be right!!

Now you don’t have to go and try to recall what exactly that was anyway. Meanwhile getting your self banned from any Ritz in the nation. Some would say it’s just better to stay at the motel 6.

Yeah we found this subject funny hope you are too. It true though even if your not staying at the Ritz getting blitzed.

If you to some extent your want to protect your self, and knowing that there are ways to work around some of these issues can be a great thing.

Carpet cleaners isn’t something you think of right off the bat, but you want to remember that they are there when you need them and they can help you in a pinch.

A funny story about that.


So these college guys they decide it’s our last week of college we’re going to make this fun . we’re going to go down and get the fanciest hotel room in  Boise Idaho we can find. We are going to have a good time and make sure that we go out and style as we make our next Journey.
So these guys go out and have a great time. The problem is maybe they had just a little bit too great of a Time after 10 o’clock rolls around they don’t remember anything somehow they made it back to their hotel room anyway. Morning rolls around… or should I say late evening by the time they boys start scurrying around. They started to notice some strange smells.  Boom there is was thick black goo right there in the middle of the carpet. To this day Boise’s carpet cleaners still isn’t quite sure what it was but what they do know is this. They took care of it for these guys and it was a non issue.

Be a pro use a pro don’t look like a fool be cool. LOL man you know it’s crazy going around hearing all these story’s being in the travel industry people are crazy. You know Billy Currinton was right.