Too much fun last night??

Ever been on vacation and can’t remember what happen last night? OK, so your not the only one…LOL so there you are in your hotel room going um why is the room spinning and what is that on the floor?

If your at the motel 6 you just leave right? Well what happens if you ended up choosing the 5 start Ritz Carlton Hotel… not so whatever right?!

Boise carpet Cleaning

Well this in’t exactly a new thing. No Boise’s Carpet cleaners has been dealing with these incidents for years. There is a way to make things right with out causing a big seem or spending way too much money.

If you find your self in this position call a local carpet cleaner to quick come in, and make your stains disappear. WHEW what a relief that would be right!!

Now you don’t have to go and try to recall what exactly that was anyway. Meanwhile getting your self banned from any Ritz in the nation. Some would say it’s just better to stay at the motel 6.

Yeah we found this subject funny hope you are too. It true though even if your not staying at the Ritz getting blitzed.

If you to some extent your want to protect your self, and knowing that there are ways to work around some of these issues can be a great thing.

Carpet cleaners isn’t something you think of right off the bat, but you want to remember that they are there when you need them and they can help you in a pinch.

A funny story about that.


So these college guys they decide it’s our last week of college we’re going to make this fun . we’re going to go down and get the fanciest hotel room in  Boise Idaho we can find. We are going to have a good time and make sure that we go out and style as we make our next Journey.
So these guys go out and have a great time. The problem is maybe they had just a little bit too great of a Time after 10 o’clock rolls around they don’t remember anything somehow they made it back to their hotel room anyway. Morning rolls around… or should I say late evening by the time they boys start scurrying around. They started to notice some strange smells.  Boom there is was thick black goo right there in the middle of the carpet. To this day Boise’s carpet cleaners still isn’t quite sure what it was but what they do know is this. They took care of it for these guys and it was a non issue.

Be a pro use a pro don’t look like a fool be cool. LOL man you know it’s crazy going around hearing all these story’s being in the travel industry people are crazy. You know Billy Currinton was right.


Fake Reviews

Where you staying this trip?

Holy molly there are a thousand different ways to fine a hotel room. First you have all the hotel search sites. What a mess which one out of the thousand of those is the best? You could spend hours searching to search. That sounds funny, but it happens a lot more than you realize. Lemme show you haw you can narrow your searching down in a hurry. Hit the big dog’s top ten max but I would say top five would be plenty.

  • Trip adviser
  • cheap tickets
  • Expedia
  • Kayak

Sure maybe there’s other’s out there but trust he there a waste of your time. Quickly scan through these and see what you find. First you have to ask your self what am looking for?

  • Cheaper
  • Closer to my destination
  • Better, nicer, or top of the line

Remember you have to pay top dollar if you want all three of these items…. such is life. So my advise pick the one that means the most to you and focus on that in your searching. Once you narrow down your search it’s time to pick a couple of good one’s out. Got them? K next step.

Google Search The Hotels You Narrow Down.

With each search you’ll see a map section on google search. Beside each hotel will be reviews. Now these can seriously be the game changer for you if your looking for a hotel. Read through your reviews get a good feel and boom!! YOUR DONE.

Hint’s on reviews.

Good old google uses the 5 star review system. This is really a great way to do if but you must be warned there are fakes out there. WHAT! Yeah the big G can be manipulated.

The Good News

These reviews are easy to spot from 10 miles away. Here’s what to look for in a honest review.

  • HATE it or LOVE it ( people only review things if they hate them or love them other than that they just don’t take the time.)
  • Should not be too many mediocre reviews.
  • Things about the place that stand out.
  • not too many punctuation’s should look like this. SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE THIS!!!! SO AWESOME,AMAZING, AND WOW!!
  • Only one review.

Here’s the FAKES

  • 5, 5 stars reviews and that’s all DO NOT TRUST THIS.
  • Generic content (We loved it there so amazing staff was great…..BLAH)I mean why would someone take the time to really write that if it was real.
  • Oddly placed content (such an amazing view) when it’s in the middle of a slum.
  • 2-3,or 4 reviews by the same person watch out not real.

So take what you can from this, and like a pirate give nothing back. Hope you have happy search results and this helps you narrow down our search.



Flying In Style……Dine In Style While Flying

So most ever aircraft has a high end seating section. The area they most often call first class. Bigger seats, front of the plane, better service,and hopefully better food and beverages. We fly a lot and in doing so we have kind of acquired a list of some of the best carriers out there for your first class nature. So maybe you already already knew this but certain air lines make you pay quit a bit more for this treatment. Here’s a tip did you know that there are a few airlines that allow you to check up to 3 bags of any weight for free if you fly first class. This can cost you up to 75-125 bucks per extra bag if you are flying economy… so if you are flying with a lot of extra luggage maybe first class is cheaper. Imagine that saving money flying first class. Not to mention you’ll arrive rested and feeling great as opposed to feeling like your going to die.

Not all carriers first class are created equal. Hawaiian Air is known for there friendly service, and the free luggage deal with first class, but did you know they are known as well for there food. Amazing food on Hawaiian Air. Local Hawaiian dishes served fresh. If there is even the slightest chance to Fly with them we always do. Honestly you feel really rested and like you haven’t flown at all. Who would have though you could get such great food while flying.

OK so your not rolling with the big dogs but you want to fly in comfort as well. We got a good one for you South West Airlines. Not quit like first class on Hawaiian, but there economy class really takes the cake in comparison to all other carriers. Yeah and there customer service is way above the curve in comparison to other airlines.

So next time you fly try to remember cheapest isn’t always “cheapest”. If that makes any kinda since. Just because you get an amazing deal doesn’t mean they won’t stick it to ya at the gate with all the up charges. Like extra bag fee, isle seat upgrade charge.

Have you ever herd of great lakes or mesa air these are the worst airline’s iv’e ever herd of. They make you pay for a seat when you show up that’s right just because you bought a ticket doesn’t mean you bought a seat. REALLY!! How retarded is that? They are scam artists that ain’t vary good, but leave you with no choice because you need to fly to get to your destination. We do not recommend them I feel like there breaking the law, yet they keep doing this stuff. It’s easy to use better airlines just remember cheaper aint cheaper.

Hey guy’s looking for a good ride.

So you just flew in and your looking for the best car rental in town. Maybe you want cheap maybe you want fast. Well if you where flying the easiest for see able way to get a car is to just go over to the Budget or Alamo car rental places. Well that might seem like the easiest way but it’s actually not. Here is why. You get off the plane with 150 other people and you all rush to baggage claim. right? whats next? everyone rushes to the car rental places. Only to find yourself standing in a huge line waiting to get your car. This process can take hours.

Here’s an Idea how about you don’t use the airports rental agencies. Yep! Did you know that most of the rental company’s drive a pickup van to the airport like a 100 times a day. The longest you might wait would be 15 mins. You will find that when you get to the rental agencies away from the airport that they are cheaper and faster because you have less people jockeying for cars.

Something else to think about. GETTING OUT OF THE AIRPORT!! Yeah who want’s that mess let the pick up vans deal with that mess. You’ll instantly be in a less stressful situation. When your flying usually your under a lot of stress so this little tip might just help your bank account as well as your receding hair line.

One more reason to go out side of the airport besides, less stress, cheaper, and faster because of less traffic is better selection. Simple because there is fewer people trying to get your sports car first leaving you with the mini van. Hope these tips help you in your travels and you do not get to discourages the next time you go to rent a car.